I’m quite proud of my little piece of the internet here. This blog looks and feels the way I want it to. Every time I look at it it’s like a nice creative hug from myself, to myself. ❤


Strengths: I feel that my voice is the strength of my blog. That sound a little conceited, but it’s not like the content is what drives my blog. People aren’t tuning in to see what new stuff in the music slash electronic print slash bike world just came out. Well, people aren’t tuning in at all really, but I digress. The interesting part of the blog is what I have to say. I feel my opinions are what drives this blog along.

Weaknesses: I don’t have any direct sources. I’m not high enough up in the food chain of the music or the cycling industry to have the manufacturers or the artists contact me and tell me about the newest thing. They go to some more well known blogger, and I read it there then write about it here. So it’s a trickle down effect. That’s understandable for me though. I just started this blog, I can’t expect to already be a pop-star-famous-blogger.

Potentials for revision: I don’t have anything I’d like to revise, per se, as much as I wish I could have my own custom layout with out forking over $30. Or at least the option to change the colors or the size of certain boxes in some of these themes. I’m just looking forward to keeping up with this blog and adding more. I can’t wait for the tag cloud to be huge and full of all sorts of crazy words. I love how a really developed and avid blogger’s cloud looks; where the biggest words have been used over 1000 times. Ahh one day.

I did a lot of experimenting with talking about music on this blog. I’ve never really written about music. I’ve talked and critiqued other artists and talked about their music to them, but I’ve never written about it with an audience in mind. I guess it’s kind of similar. I reread my concert review and I liked how I described their style and stage presence. I tried to emulate the music journalists I read in magazines– when they talk about new artist or albums I don’t know, and when they describe the artists certain sound– I tried to emulate that. I think I did a decent job, and I like the fact that I can pull up that music journalist voice when I write without much effort.

One of the things I worried about was posting about bicycles. As silly as that seems, I originally intended for this to be a blog that cataloged my efforts to get more involved in the music world, and only the music world. But I’m so deeply rooted in cycling culture that I couldn’t resist it. And I’m happy that I didn’t because some of my posts about bicycling have been my most interesting and popular. I consider myself equal parts musician and cyclist. I don’t own a car; I ride my bike wherever I need to go. I worked at a music store for years, I just got a job as a bike mechanic and I currently march for the Chiefs. So my interests are split 50/50.

This blog has really helped me find my voice. I talked about how I consider it the strength and I think sitting and forcing myself to write has really drawn it out of me. Maybe I’m just that eloquent. Hah! But seriously, I haven’t considered myself a writer for very long, and this blog has really upped my confidence in my ability to compose and craft my ideas, as well as construct well developed thoughts over any given length. You could give me a word limit of 300 or 3000 and I would be equally confident in my ability to write both.

I like that reflection backwards is noitcelfer– “know itself-er”

Maybe that’s what I am. A know itself-er. Always trying to improve from the inside out. I like that.


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