Remediation 11/1/11

Have you ever heard the term remediate? Where and what is your understanding of the term?

The only time I can remember hearing the term remediate or remediation was talking in my English composition class years ago, and I only remember it vaguely. I imagine it means to mentally go back and think about what you’ve said or written. To re- mediate, or mediate again, and mediate being to think about. If the term is associated with composition, it may be to go back to what you’ve already written, reread it and edit for content as apposed to grammar and spelling. I do this constantly and then one final time before I publish any blog post. It’s very important to me because I tend to ramble and I need to make sure I actually made understandable thoughts.


Remediation is the process whereby
computer graphics, virtual reality, and the
WWW define themselves by borrowing
from and refashioning media such as
painting, photography, television, and film

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