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In response to my last post:

I feel human beings won’t limit themselves to only textual nonverbal communication. Having the ability to think about and edit what you say before you say it is nice, but face to face human contact– up close and personal– is something we as humans need. It’s one of the basic needs of life. Mazlow’s hierarchy of needs shows it easily enough:

  Humans need to be around other humans. Force ourselves in to emotionless gray cubicles for hours all day everyday and sooner or later somethings going to snap.

   The fear of offending or being misunderstood may affect how many people communicate, but the effectiveness of dialogue is unmistakable. The ability to transfer thoughts via word of mouth in conversation is always going to be the most efficient and speedy way to do so.

For instance, board meetings. They could be done through group email, but would take days maybe weeks. Things like GoToMeeting are making strides to change that, but I still wonder what kind of first impression you can make without a handshake or a pat on the back.