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In my search to become more absorbed in music and PR I’ve come across a whole world of new music blogs and things. Mostly I asked a friend of mine who works in the industry to tell me what he reads everyday and this is what he gave me:

Consequence of sound

Alternative Press






This Song is Sick

Most of these are daily news from the music industry. Who’s releasing an album soon, who’s joint what music festival and the like. All interesting stuff but as a starving college student, I don’t have the funds to travel all over to music festivals. I just read the set lists online and simmer with jealousy. A few of these are music streaming sights. Hillydilly and Hypemachine have proven to be invaluable resources for new music. On Hypemachine, I love sitting on the “newest” tab and listening to the random assortment of brand new stuff coming down the pipe. It even tells you when it was posted; “10 minutes ago.” It feels so refreshing to listen to a track immediately after it’s posted. It’s like I’m there in the studio.  For every track a link is included to eMusic, Amazon, and iTunes where you can buy the song or the album.

I’ve never felt such a direct connection to new artists. I used to read magazines and look for the “newest bands” section and check those out. But I’ve always felt that a thousand other kids are doing the same thing, and the band had to have been somewhat successful already to be picked up by the magazine. But on Hypemachine I feel an instant and intimate connection to bands that spark my interest. I can immediately go buy their album online through Amazon or iTunes. Amazon is great too, because if I like an artist so much I want to buy their album, Amazon will recommend t-shirts and other albums by the artist as well.

It’s mind blowing how hard it must have been for artists before the internet. The struggle of finding your audience and getting people to hear your music. Now it seems the major struggle is getting people to pay for their music. But that’s a different post altogether.